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Understanding how to compute your current course grade is valuable as it allows you to determine the necessary achievement in your final exam to attain your desired overall course grade. Below demonstrates how this grade calculator can be utilized to ascertain your current course grade before the final exam.

To utilize this tool, input your current percentage for an assignment, test, or exam, along with its weightage towards your final grade. For each new assignment or assessment, select “Add New Assignment.” The calculator updates as you enter assignments.


Within Sally’s class, the final grade encompasses four major assignment categories. The first category consists of three minor assignments, collectively contributing 15%. The second category is a project worth 25%. Additionally, there’s a midterm and a final exam, both worth 30%.

Sally achieved marks of 7/10, 4/5, and 15/20 on her three minor assignments, 80% on her project, and 25/40 on her midterm. To determine her current grade before the final exam, she wants to calculate her current mark. This will help her understand the score needed in the final exam to achieve an overall average of 75% in the course.

Using the grade calculator, Sally can efficiently calculate her current mark. Initially, she calculates the total percentage of her three minor assignments since they collectively contribute 15% towards her final grade. Here’s how Sally computed the sum of her small assignments:

  1. Divide the mark received for each small assignment by the maximum possible mark for each.
  2. Sum up the marks received for each assignment and the possible marks for each.
  3. Then, divide the achieved mark by the potential mark. This results in a decimal.
  4. Multiply the decimal by 100 to derive the percentage.
For instance:

0.7429 × 100 = 74.29%

With this percentage, Sally determines her standing in the assignments category.

To find the percentage of her midterm exam, Sally divides 25 by 40, resulting in 0.625. She then multiplies this decimal by 100, yielding 62.5%.

By inputting the obtained percentages from each category, Sally determines her current overall grade to be 71.275%, equivalent to a 2.7 GPA (refer to the grade calculator below).

To determine the required score on her final exam to achieve a final mark of 75% in the course, Sally subtracts her current grade of 71.275% from her desired goal of 75, resulting in 25.1065. This implies that Sally needs to secure
25.1065/30 or 83.68% on her final exam to reach a 75% final course grade.

How Does This Work?

The grading system typically comprises various components—homework, classwork, tests/quizzes, and the final exam—each contributing a specific weight to the overall grade. Notably, the final exam’s impact isn’t factored into the current grade until its completion. To accommodate this, the remaining categories’ weights are adjusted to compensate for the final exam’s absence, thereby computing the minimum required final exam score using this formula:

Required Grade = (Desired Grade − Current Grade × (100% − Weight of Final Exam)) / Weight of Final Exam

Refer to the formula sheet for a comprehensive breakdown of this equation and others applied in this tool. While this process involves mathematics, it’s not overly complex. Though achievable with any calculator, you’ve chosen RogerHub for its convenience and uniqueness.

For Further Assistance:

Consider exploring the various calculator modes available, especially the advanced mode, tailored to address diverse scenarios like:

  • If there are additional assessments and assignments preceding the final exam,
  • where the final holds weight as a test grade,
  • consideration for dropping the lowest test scores,
  • opportunities for makeup assignments or test retakes,
  • possibilities for extra credit,
  • and handling of missing assignments will be taken into account.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

If video tutorials aren’t your preferred learning method, follow these outlined steps:

1. Choose your current class grade

Begin by selecting your current class grade using either the letter or percentage dropdowns. These options will adjust automatically based on your input.

2. Determine your desired class grade

Select the grade you aim to achieve by the end of the semester, either as a letter or a percentage.

3. Input the final exam weight

Enter the weight of your final exam as a percentage (e.g. 40 or 50). This information is typically available on your syllabus.

4. Click to calculate

Initiate the calculation process by clicking the designated button. If the desired grade surpasses 100%, consider updating your target grade accordingly.

Tips and Tricks

Relying solely on the final exam as a last-ditch effort isn’t advisable despite its significant weight in determining your overall class grade. Consistent dedication to studying and performing well on all assignments and exams throughout the year is the most effective approach to maintaining a high grade.

Allocating yourself a buffer as the semester concludes can alleviate stress and enhance your likelihood of achieving strong marks in your class. While acing the final is beneficial, excelling in a class where you’ve struggled requires either time travel or better preparation in the future.

It’s time to refocus on studying! Alternatively, if you’re feeling inclined toward procrastination, you might want to explore our guide on How to Improve Your GPA.


Should you have any further inquiries or feedback, feel free to visit the comments section for additional guidance or to share your thoughts about the calculator.


How does a Final Grade Calculator work?

A Final Grade Calculator allows students to input their current grades for various assignments, exams, or projects along with their respective weights towards the final grade. It computes the overall grade by summing the weighted contributions to determine the current standing in the course.

What information do I need to use a Final Grade Calculator?

To use a Final Grade Calculator effectively, you’ll require your grades or scores for each assignment, test, or project, along with their respective weight percentages towards the final grade. These values are usually provided by the instructor or specified in the course syllabus.

Why is it important to calculate my current grade using a Final Grade Calculator?

Calculating your current grade is crucial for understanding where you stand in the course before the final exam. It helps in planning and setting realistic goals, enabling you to determine the score needed in the final exam to achieve a desired overall course grade.

How accurate are the results from a Final Grade Calculator?

The accuracy of the Final Grade Calculator depends on the accuracy of the input data. If the provided grades and weight percentages are accurate, the calculator will generate an accurate estimation of your current course grade and the score required in the final exam to achieve a specific overall grade.

Can a Final Grade Calculator predict my final grade accurately?

While a Final Grade Calculator provides a good estimate based on the current data, it’s important to note that unexpected circumstances or changes in the grading criteria may affect the final result. It’s a tool for planning and guidance rather than an absolute predictor.

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